Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Snookums, The Evil Crayon-Peg-Legged Pirate Kitten who is also a Kindergartener

Well, i was riding home on the bus today w/my friend Brandon (who is also my brothers friend, btw)and since someone was sitting in his seat, he came back to sit w/me. o yeah, he is a few months younger than me. n e ways, i was drawing this one evil cat that i had made up one day when i was mad. the bus was all bumpy so i couldnt get his eye right so i just drew an eyepatch. Brandon said he was a pirate so i turnedhim into one. he wore a bandana and had a peg-leg, only the peg-leg looked like a crayon so its a crayon now. Since it was crayon, he was in kindergarten. i dont know why that has any relevance at all to a crayon. So i named him snookums. He is now Snookums the evil crayon-peg-legged pirate kitten who is in kindergarten. and can fly because he has wings, but that kinda goes w/the evil part, so nvm i said anything.
/_\U< / oh no its snookie!! the U is the eyepatch by the way


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