Thursday, October 06, 2005

A poem by me

I made a poem. its about owls. i luv owls!! theyre cool. yeah. well, here it is then.....

Owls in the Night

A hoot, A hiss,
A screech, A howl,
A Pygmy, An Elf,
A Whiskered Screech Owl

The light of the moon
Reflecting off amber eyes
Owls take flight,
Of many a size

The white heart shape face
Of a black-eyed barn owl
The long featherless legs
Of the Burrowing Owl

The little Elf Owl
Looks diminished in size
But the great gray owls
Enouromosity is his prize

Silent fliers,
Skilled at night
When the moon
Is shining bright

The Barn owl,
With the Almond shaped eyes
Is the best hunter
With great hearing to prize

Owls with feathers
Buff colored or gray,
Tuck away in their hollows
To sleep for the day

Owls asleep
With the sun shining bright
Will soon awaken
And soar into the night

Hope you liked it!!


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