Monday, October 10, 2005

customized drawings

if you want to get a personalized drawing, (by me!!) then u can e-mail me @ if you want to get one. ill do it for free because i have nothing else to do. o yeah, and sry, but i dont have a way of sending anything like through mail or anything, so ill just send it to u via e-mail. sry it sux, i know. and if anybody actually does want a picture, i have a few rules:

1 no extremely sexual graphic stuff (because i just dont do that type of thing!!)
2 the same goes for gore and violence and stuff
3 this isnt really a rule but sometimes i put it on my blog so it should be appropriate
4 if you suggest something bad then i will block you from my mail list and you'll never get your drawing

i loooove to draw so ill do it for free!! i draw pictures for my friends all the time!! yay :)


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