Friday, October 28, 2005

Cornman and Joe

One day, i was bored so i went looking around the house and found this entire bucket full of unpopped popcorn. Well, i made some then my brother and Brandon said it would be a good idea to sell this stuff because we had so much and people like popcorn. So long story short, i made a mascot and he was an ear of corn and he could walk and blah blah blah. Well, brother killed most of the popcorn with garlic salt, burned it all, wasted all of the oil, and stuck his face in the bucket of popcorn. Cornman didnt have a home anymore and i thought it would be fun to make a comic book. he was the main character. then later i added Joe the monkey. Joe is a little stuffed animal my little brother got from his cousins in Holland when he went there w/mom to visit his family. O yeah, did i forget to mention that Darch, My stepdad is from The Netherlands? His son is my little half brother and hes the one w/the monkey, Joe. so the comic was born!! It started as a joke, but now its fun to make them. I draw the pictures, my brother comes up with the general story and i work some of the finer details. CornMan And Joe!!!

Oh yeah, i made a bot on AIM and his SN is CornManBot. Im thinking of making a Joe bot, but not right now because Cornman is still such an idiotic bot that i really need to fix him. One time i asked him 'Who are your friends?' and he said 'I love to eat pizza!'


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