Thursday, September 29, 2005


I like writing poems, so ill tell you that much. I'll probably post some later because i have a lot. sometimes, i dont know why i write them, and most of the time they have something to do with darkness and night. im not a goth if thats wut ur thinkin. im weird sometimes. i like dark so shut up and dont say n e thing about me being goth or emo or ill hurt you!!! -.- ok then... oh yeah i dont really have anything to write about anymore. writers block!! if anyone has any ideas of what to write (i love to write!!) just tell me plz!! ok thx!! :P

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< ,@D) cOmpHOg out!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Friends Blog

one of my friends has gotten a blog now. gaby has. its if u wanna check it out!!


Well, here ya go, its actually a pig.

All Gone

If u are a constant viewer of either my brothers or my stepdads blog, u will know that my stepdads is no longer up. ITS GONE!! NOOOOOO!! i liked that place!! it was but thats taken down. i liked it tho. o well. he might b making a new one. its idk when its going to be up yet, so just keep in touch and maybe you'll find out!!


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yay its up now!! well, sorta....

Friday, September 23, 2005

Nuthin to do

well, i have nothing to put here so i'll just fill the page with mindless babble and pictures i drew. do you like them? my brother says im good at drawing so i guess id put my pictures here.

i also have a colored copy, but i cant find it right now.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Im new @ this

If you leave a comment giving me advice or something like 'put on a counter so u kno how many ppl are on' then you might want to tell me how!!! i have no idea how to because as i said b4, im an idiot and computer illiterate. can someone help?? v.v im stupid. yeah. i need help. my stepdad's good at this kinda thing but im not gonna ask him. yea im kinda new at this. ill go now. i have no idea why im putting that picture on. its my hamster, Andrew. he has nothing to do with this post. ok then what ever ill talk about him later i guess. lol
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< .@D) cOmpHOg out!

My Friends

I'm still young so i can put a post thats all about my friends and i wont look like a jackass! I dont have many friends but the friends i do have are the ones that take an entire lifetime to forget. I only have about 3 "bestest" friends that ill tell you about now.

1. just because i put her first, doesnt mean she's a better friend. her name is Iliana and i've known her since before i started kindergarten. She likes to screw with her hair colors. her Original hair color is a mid-brown and this time she tried dying it a lighter broenish reddish color but it totally screwed up. its now this extremely bright goldish reddish orange color that you can see from about a mile away!! she likes it but she hates the roots. since the hair is very bright, it makes her roots look even darker brown ad she wants to dye them too. okay, enough about hair. she has a really great personality though she can be a bitch sometimes. shes 3 months younger than me, but she's taller than me and that just sucks!! Ahh well, at least she's a great friend. she makes the best friend and the worst enemy.

A. i decided not to put 2 because this girl is in no way inferior or second best to anyone. She kinda has bodyweight issues because she thinks shes fat but she isnt at all. Her name is Gaby and she's also taller than me and im even older than her than i am Iliana!! thats gotta suck if you're oldest but shortest. now since i spent so much time on Ilianas hair, i should talk about gabys too. Her hair is straight like really straight. its brown but she streaked it blonde so it looks really pretty. my hair used to look that way but wavy and now its all brown. she is hispanic but now she has that totally 'whit girl' look. weird.

@ yeah, another form of 'A'. This girl i've known since 6th grade nad i like her. she's older than me by about 20 days but the weird thing is that i'm a few inches taller than her! shorter than my younger friends, but taller than my older friends. Albadelia is her name and she's cool. Her hair is just kind of plain dark brown and wavy. like mine but way lnoger. well, thats pretty much all i have to say about her.

those are my friends and if you dont like them, THEN SCREW OFF AND YOU CAN GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE!!! AND GET OF THIS BLOG!! thank you and have a good day.

Yeah, i don't really know anyone so nobody really comes here so i can say whatever the hell i want. i dont want to say anything really. Oh yeah, if anybody has AIM or Trillian and wants to talk to me, feel free to do so. just dont piss me off or i'll block you. my SN is
cOmpHOg112 obviously

well, if anyone has any ideas for what i should use this blog for, then tell me. ok then ttyl!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


HELLO yes, that's really all I have to say. BTW, my brother has a blog also. he's the one who got me interested in this stuff. if you wanna check it out, here it is! i'm the one who drew that picture!!

The Original

This is the original pic for all of u who checked it out on my bro's site and wanted to know how it looked before.

**sorry i accidentally uploaded 4 pics!! i dont know how to get rid of them! im kinda computer illiterate but im okay. can someone who is smarter than me please help? is it possible to take them off!?!**

***okay, i figured out how to take them off myself, NO THANKS TO YOU!! ok, it really wasnt that hard, but hey, im dumb. anyways, hope you like the pic!! oh yeah, if any of you are wondering why i didnt just get rid of that other text, i'm just too damn lazy to do it. OKAY?!?***